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Slumdog - Better Choices Through Education
February 2009

It is interesting to know that the children from Slumdog Millionaire have had  similar real life circumstances as the roles they played. Many people say the movie is uplifting. That in spite of all th
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Slumdog Millionaire Kids from an Asha for Eduction Project
February 2009

Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire?  Two of the children (Salim and Latika) are students in the Asha for Education funded project called Aseema.   They have acted really well and are enjoying all the a
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How Micro-loans Make a Difference
January 2009

This video follows the path of a $25 loan from London, England to Preak Tamao village, Cambodia. is a website that allows internet users like you or I to lend money to people that need it in
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CASE STUDY: Asha for Education

Industry/Sector: Non-profit, charity, philonthropic organization

Time period: 11 years

Programming Languages: PHP, HTML/DHTML, Javascript, Perl

Database: MySQL

Environment: LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

Crystal Coding Concepts has been involved with the design and development of much of the Asha for Education website since the mid-1990's.

The robust online donation system keeps track of donations made to over 70 chapters for hundreds of different projects. In addition, it keeps track of donations made for events like a 5k run/walk, a concert fundraiser, or a marathon.

A tremendous amount of data mining is available on projects by:

  • chapter
  • funding
  • focus
  • reports
  • star
  • state
  • status
  • type
  • Other features developed on the site include maps that are generated dynamically based on project location in a database, content management systems (CMS), donations by chapter / event / project / person, and donor/customer relations management systems (CRM).

    Charity Navigator 4 Star Rating

    Asha for Education was rated a 4 star organization by Charity Navigator.

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