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Slumdog - Better Choices Through Education
February 2009

It is interesting to know that the children from Slumdog Millionaire have had  similar real life circumstances as the roles they played. Many people say the movie is uplifting. That in spite of all th
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Slumdog Millionaire Kids from an Asha for Eduction Project
February 2009

Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire?  Two of the children (Salim and Latika) are students in the Asha for Education funded project called Aseema.   They have acted really well and are enjoying all the a
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How Micro-loans Make a Difference
January 2009

This video follows the path of a $25 loan from London, England to Preak Tamao village, Cambodia. is a website that allows internet users like you or I to lend money to people that need it in
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Crystal Coding Concepts specializes in setting up ecommerce websites. Some websites may be a simple hosted solution like Yahoo Stores, while others have a complex business model. We can get the Yahoo Store up and running and populated with your inventory, we can customize open source solutions like OSCommerce, or we can build a custom design and a custom solution for your company's business rules.

Contact us for pricing and information on setting up an ecommerce site.

Web Design and Development

Crystal Coding Concepts designs and develops websites that fit your needs. Examples include:
- logo creation
- website designs
- rich media, flash, etc.
- intranets
- mailing list management
- content management systems (CMS)
- customer relationship management (CRM) systems,
- web based file management
- dynamic images with text overlay

Tell us your requirements and we can build it for you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Crystal Coding Concepts provides services in all areas of Search Engine Marketing - natural search, organic search optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social networking (SMO), blogs, and guerrilla marketing (GMO). We believe that social network marketing and natural search optimization take time, but the results are worth it.

We also manage Pay Per Click (PPC), also known as Cost Per Click (CPC), ad campaigns. We can analyze your website as well as your competitor sites and create a proposal of your expected monthly advertising spend. The advantage of online marketing is that the budget can be fixed on a monthly basis. PPC campaigns are great as it creates immediate traffic to your website.

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